Belgium National Day -SUNDAY- the 20th

Join us, Thierry, Irene and other couples in Place du Jeu de Balle from 7 pm to 11 pm for the National Bal in Brussels.

my phone number is 0476455005

Meeting point is on the square somewhere, usually it is easy to find each other and the place is not that crowded. Food and drinks on the premices.

More info below,

Italian Wine Tasting

Hello all,

There have been plenty of requests and a lot of discussions on Friday about Italian wines.  I found a shop/restaurant near / Toisson D'or and they would be glad to give us a brief tasting (4 wines and some appetizers for 30 euros/person).  We can also have a dinner afterwards if folks are interested or move on to someplace else nearby. This is of course open to STUDS and SOs.  I realize many people might be out of town for the summer holidays but hopefully I have peaked the interests of those still around.



TONIGHT: Football @ Herman's


The Red Devils (Belgium) will be playing their opening match against Algeria tonight at 6pm.

Herman will have a big screen at the end of his cafe (smoking room will be open and there will be NO smoking).

On the market square there will be a big screen and stalls selling beer etc.

It will be an enormous party. Dave Hutch, Helen and I will meet at Herman's before 6pm. Why not join us for the party.

See you there, SOs are of cause welcome.
Give me a ring on 0477 32 88 55 if/when needed.

Most STUDly,

Kevin Anderson's Farewell - STAGE I

Start Kevin's Farewell by earning exercise points. We will walk from Montgomery to Place Chatelain.

We meet at tramstop 81 at Montgomery; it is above ground on Avenue Tervuren on the western side of the Montgomery Circle. The walk should take an hour, so we might have time for a pit-stop.

Please sign up for the event if you want to join. We will leave on time !!

My GSM is 0477 32 88 55.


English football team

Beer Bottling for a "secondary" fermentation

It is time to bottle that brew.  If anyone is interested then you are welcome to stop by.



Kevin Anderson's Farewell - Beer and Munchie Walk


Kevin Anderson is leaving after five years in Brussels. He would like his farewell to be a Boy's Day Out where we progress from waterhole to waterhole and enjoy the Belgium beer and munch on various snacks and light food items as we go along.

4 Star Stud Beer Brew Day

Hi all, I will be brewing beer on Tuesday 3rd of June in my garage starting as early as I can. All studs are welcome to join in the fun. No need to confirm. Just drop by if you wish. Estimated time agenda:

1000 mash,
1200 lauter,
1300 boil,
1500 ferment

Volume 20 L
Style blond Ale, 4-5% alc

There is a tram stop on my street.
William Dantzer - earned 4 Star Stud award on April 25, 2014!


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