The next quiz will take place on 2 October. The specialist country round will be on Namibia.

SOs are welcomed to participate too.

Please let me know if you wish to attend. Participation costs €10 per person. A tombola takes place. All proceeds go to UNICEF.

Walk around Brussels

There is a marked walk around the outskirts of Brussels called the Promenade Vert (French) or the Groen Wandeling(Dutch). See http://www.environnement.brussels/thematiques/espaces-verts-et-biodivers.... It is about 60 kilometres. I plan to walk it in 4 days, each Tuesday, starting the 26th September.

Dessert with George at Wezem break today 1330

Anyone interested in a wezem break dessert with famous straight legged George just show up at the famous Wezem-Break cafe!

The word is this will be the last time because George will be going home soon.

Studs Pres

Musical Night Out Sat 16th Sept

Less than a week to the next Staging Post De Kam show. This will be a great evening. Bring your SOs.

Ice Cream with George

Ever feel lonely or like you are stuck in one place like you can't move your f!ç3&-in legs. Well that is how it is for George every day.

Fortunately he is located just next to a cafe and they do have ice creams.

So let us make Wednesdays ice cream days with George. Say just after eating lunch you may contact George at 0473973086 and let the party begin.

I will be available this next Wednesday at around 1. Anyone else is most welcome and you can bring little ones too!

The location is Wezem-Break

see wezem-break.be

Sat 16th Sept - A good night out for you & your S.O.s

In just over two weeks, the Staging Post De Kam will be presenting a great show, see poster and web-site www.StagingPost.net for more details. STUDS members William, Kjeld, John and Steve are involved in setting up this evening. Bring your SO along and support us. It would be a good occasion to get a STUDS group together on one table.

Lunch at Wezem-Break Friday after Hermans

Hi everybody, anyone wishing to hang out with George this Friday after Hermans let me know. I am going to reserve a table for 10 at the Wezem-Break
restaurant in the Sport Hall of Wezembeek Oppem. Some of you could go straight there like George who lives next door to that. Others can meetup at Hermans at noon and we can arrange transportation to Wezem-break. I can carry an additional 4 persons.


Avenue Astridlaan 85
1970 Wezembeek-Oppem

You can download the menu from their web page.


The next quiz will take place on Monday 11 September.

The specialist country round will be on Nepal.

Please let me know if you're free to attend and whether your SO will be taking part also. €10 per person to participate. There'll also be a tombola on the night. All proceeds go to UNICEF.

I've booked 2 tables. The first to respond get the places. Pmesse send me a private e-mail if you wish to attend on daveandhelen16@gmail.com


"Pot Luck" or "Facilitated" BBQ next Friday 25th

Herman's is closed next Friday and the long range weather forecast is good, so I propose that the STUDS meet in my garden for drinks and a BBQ. I propose a "facilitated BBQ" i.e. I provide the tables, chairs, tents, kfs, glasses, BBQs etc. We all provide the food, drinks, cooking expertise and clearing up. Basically if everyone brings the meat he wants to eat plus drink, and some of you bring savoury and sweet dishes for several people then we should cover it. As a common dish, I will provide sausages for all.


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