World famous historian, track coach, and STUD returns for one night only!


I've just been let in on a secret: the famous Roy Stevenson is coming to Brussels for one day only and would like to hang out with us. He's a former STUD, having spent his days here touring many WWI and WWII sites and has written numerous articles on his trips and life as an expat.

For those that are available, we're going to meet up with Roy on 18 May (Sunday) for a few drinks and grab dinner. 

If you're free to join, let me know!



Chocolate Factory Visit

The Australia Society are organising a visit to a chocolate factory on Sunday 11th May.    All are welcome.   The cost is €4 per adult.   Meet outside the premises at 14:45.

Buy My Stuff


As you might know, we are moving away and will be selling various things at deep discount. We are giving you first crack at all the juicy things, but don't wait too long. Around the 13th we are going to put ads in various places for the general public.

You can view the items at and then contact me at or call 0470 950 401 to arrange things.

STUDS invade Zythos Beer Festival in Leuven

The Gang!
A few close friends.
Check out #13.
Thierry explains things.
Kjeld says "don't listen to Thierry".
Things got a little blurry near the end.
Typical beer stall.

A small but eager group of STUDS traveled to Leuven on Sunday for the annual Zythos Beer Festival. Literally hundreds of beers were consumed and most were enjoyed thoroughly. The 26% beer is still under debate, however! Joe Stange, beer author extraordinaire and STUD, was there to help guide us through some of the more esoteric styles.

Tour of Antwerp

Hi guys,

Everyone is welcome in Antwerp for a city discovering tour. Meeting point is Central station in Antwerp at 10 am, or later in the city.

Zythos Beer Festival


Hail Beer STUDS,

We will meet on Sunday at the Brussels Gare Central no later than 12:45, which will give us time enough to buy tickets and catch the 13:02 train to Leuven.

Would those of you who hasn’t signed on to the web site event as participants please do so, it makes it easier for me, thanks.

GSM: 0477 32 88 55


Time for the annual Zythos beer festival, which is supposedly one og the World's largest and suddenly the best, 

Good Beer Guide Belgium signing/sipping event

Hail STUDS! 

I'll be on a mini-book-tour end of April, as co-author of the 7th edition of Good Beer Guide Belgium. Naturally the STUDS deserve some credit for the education found therein. Now we can say affirmatively that the "Belgian Beer Bible" is at least 50% STUD-written.

Would love to see anyone who could make it at Waterstones on Saturday, April 26, around 11:30 a.m. We can vandalize your copy, after you buy one. We should also have a few beers for tasting, a good warmup if you're headed to ZBF afterward. 

Cinco de Mayo Party on May 4

All STUDS, SO's and kids are invited to Cinco de Mayo on May 4, 2014. (yeah, I know, wrong day)

There will be Tex-Mex food and snacks. You don't need to bring anything, unless there is a special brew you would like to share.

Address: Avenue de Tervuren 126 (On Mongomery traffic circle, 2 doors to the left of Hotel Montgomery)

Time: Drinks and snacks at 15:00, dinner at 18:00.

RSVP at: or call 02 734 55 96


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