Farewell lunch for Jeff V.

Once again we are getting together to wish farewell for a stalwart member of the group.  Jeff will soon be leaving us for a "promotion" back in the U.S.  Details for the farewell lunch will follow shortly, as soon as I can confirm (probably a similar route as Henri's lunch, but I'll try to mix it up a bit)

Farewell Lunch for Henri + Beer Walk

Boys Day Out - reserve the date - Henri wants you there !


Our ex-president Henri Klopper is making STUDS history. He will be the first STUDS president to have not only a Farewell Dinner but also a Farewell Lunch.

The former was Saturday night at the Kwak Brasserie where 20 STUDS and SOs had a most enjoyable evening. The latter will be this Thursday at 1 o’clock pm, lunching outdoor weather permitting.

UNICEF Pub Quiz - June

Reserve the date - more info to follow

STUDS photo lesson

Ghost birds in the park!
Ball in puddle, a still life portrait.
Cat VanLaningham.

Thanks to that studliest of STUDS, Jeff VanLaningham, for taking the time to teach Greg and Kevin some photography basics.

As you can tell by the pictures posted, I am still learning how to operate a camera, but should improve with practice.

Lots and lots of practice!

Pub Quiz for UNICEF

Dave Hutcheson, our Pub Quiz Guru is the Quiz Captain ofthe STUDS teams. Contact him at daveandhelen16@gmail.com 

SOs are welcome.


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