Belgian Red Devils vs Czech rep football

Contact me if you are interested for this tonight. Tickets are 20 euros in a bad location and there will be tons of people.


New Users Signing up for this site

Due to the high number of spammers attempting to sign up for this site the only way to deal with it is for us to delete them in mass. Therefore if you are an authentic new user trying to register on this site I suggest you come to the weekly luncheon and give us your details in person. Otherwise your signing up may be overlooked and mistakenly deleted along with the other spammers. Thank you

Studs Pres

Brexit Vote + 1 Friday Lunch BBQ at Andrews


To commemorate the historic vote of the British people on June 23rd 2016 I am proposing we have another Brexit BBQ at my house, lunchtime Friday June 23rd 2017.

Some of you attended last year's Brexit BBQ when a number of us were expecting to be celebrating remaining in Europe. It turned out to be an interesting afternoon.

The BBQ will commence at 12 noon. I would be grateful if you could let me know if you are attending at the latest by June 16th in order for me to properly cater for the food.

The Presidents Address

Staging Post BBQ and Summer Show

Summer is here and it is time for the Staging Post BBQ and Summer show. The theme for the next show is around popular and American, accoustic country-music. There is a BBQ before hand in the courtyard starting at 18:30; the show starts at 8pm and runs until after 11pm. Seating is café-theatre style. There is space for dancing. There will be a "free podium" in the bar after that, and this has been known to go on very late with contributions from all sorts of people. This is an excellent opportunity to entertain your SO.

Studs Dinner Dance

Don't forget about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The STUDS Dinner Dance ad hoc committee (Nira, Andrew, John Hiley, El Presidente and Kjeld)
have now completed the arrangement and cordially invite you to the

STUDS Gourmet Dinner and (dance) Party 2017
on Saturday 13th May 2017 19:00 at
Restaurant Le Coq en Pâte
Tomberg 259
B-1200 Bruxelles


The next quiz will take place on Monday 8 May. The specialist country is Venezuela.

SOs are welcome. Participation costs €10 per person. A tombola takes place in the middle of the evening.

Please let me know on if you'd like to take part.

Hope to see you there.


Le Mucha jazz dinner night

Recommended by Ed
Le Mucha would make a nice evening dinner if anyone is interested.

Soirée Jazz

Amateurs de Jazz,

Venez vivre une soirée Jazzy ce jeudi 11 mai 2017 à partir de 20H.
Le prix du menu et de la soirée Jazz est à 49,50€ (

N'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour vos réservations uniquement par téléphone au 02 770 24 14.
Bien à Vous 

Le Mucha

Zythos Bier Festival 2017

It's time for the annual STUDS outing to the Zythos Bier Festival.

We will leave from the Central station around 1pm on the day.
Please sign up and I will distribute detailed information as we get closer to the date.

More info here:

Looking forward to seeing you for a fun and tasty afternoon/evening.


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