Charity Show, Tervuren, 14th Apr

Next Saturday, Nigel Ward is giving a concert in support of his children's cancer charity "Wardies Way". They are always good evenings.

4 Star Stud Brewery

Studs Dues Payment Request

Gentlemen (and selected others),

Please send your 2018 dues of 25 Euros to the following STUDS bank account:

STUDS BELGIUM BE65 36301990 0396

Best regards,


Studs Treas
Studs Pres

Next Staging Post De Kam Sat 21st April

Anoher brilliant evening is planned. Come along and support STUDS members William, John and Steve. Its café-theatre style, so ideal for the SO.

St Patrick's day parade

So far two of us (Thierry and myself) are planning to meet up at Le Chat Noir in Brussels where we will meander over to watch the festivities. Let us know if you want to come, wives are very welcome as well as children. It may be a bit cold so bundle up. Le Chat Noir is just next to Bourse metro stop. The address is

Jules Van Praetstraat 8, 1000 Brussel

This is just a meeting place as the restaurant may be closed :(
My number is 0479589021 in case you get lost


I was told that George will be marching in the parade!

Orval Abbey Open Door Day, Sep 14th & 15th

Orval monastery's famous brewery will have an open door day on September 14th & 15th.
Inscription starts at 08:00 on May 2nd. Demand is expected to be high, but numbers will be limited.
Depending on STUDS interest, we could organise a group visit and car-pooling, probably on the Friday 14th. The abbey is a two hour drive away. Please indicate whether you would like to participate.


The next quiz will take place on Monday 19 March. Participation costs €10 per person. SOs are welcome too.

The specialist country round will be on Albania.
A tombola will take place. Please consider bringing along a prize for the tombola. All proceeds go to UNICEF.

If you wish to take part please send me an e-mail at


Come on!!!!!

Last chance for curling signup is 17 Feb

Kurling Karl says last call for curling team sign up is 17th of Feb so if you have not already signed up please do so that is as long as you are interested.

As I understand it, the fee for curling will be 25 euros per person.

Karl says,
There is a huge area for the none players to watch. with seats and tables.

The maximum number of PLAYERS at one time is 30.

I don't think we will reach that. If we do, we can always split the times. ex: 13:00-15:00 and 15:00-17:00.

I would need the final numbers by Feb 17th.


Hi Studs, The super bowl is on channel 23 on Proximus or BBC ONE starting at 0015 on Feb 5
Go Tom Brady and the New England Patriots

Studs Pres


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