The next Quiz will take place on Monday 18 May. India will be the specialist country.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to participate and whether your SO will also be there. I have already booked 2 tables, but can add a third if necessary.

It costs €10 each to participate and there will be a tombola on the night.

Kind regards,


Live Music - Sat 16th May, Roadhouse 69, Lier

Do you enjoy live music, don't mind a bit of heavy rock?

A band that my brother used to play in called Subset is currently doing a european tour supporting an american alternative rock band called Maension and I am planning to go and watch them when they play in Lier on the 16th May.

I will drive and can take up to 4 people with me in my car

Here is a link to their myspace page if you want to hear them:

Four Star Stud Brewery

We will bottle the 47 l of Pure Golden Pils lager on Thursday April 2 at my place. Email me if you wish the address.

Beer Notes

Alcohol content calculation

Original Gravity 1.054
Final Gravity 1.012

This represent density from sugar in beer. You can see a loss of density from 1.054 to 1.012 value above. This is a result from yeast consumption of the sugar and producing alcohol. A simple formula gives the percentage of alcohol in the beer. (1.054-1.012)/.00753 = 5.6 % alcohol

Zythos Beer Festival

Repeating the success from previous years, STUDS will 'show the flag' at Zythos again this year.

For those who haven't been, this is probably the most serious beer festival to be found. About 100 small brewers will show more than 400 different crafted beers.
You buy a glass (only 10cl this year) and some tokens (1€ each), each token will get your glass cleaned and a beer of your choice.

NCAA March Madness (USA college basketball tournament)

For those of you familiar with US sports, March Madness is quickly approaching. To that end, the American Club of Brussels (ACB) is organizing a pool (10 euro entry fee) for those interested in filling out their brackets and competing for prizes. Even if you have no idea about US college basketball, it's still fun to fill out the brackets based on guesses, experts pics, or any other method you can dream up.

Four Stud Brewery

Next Tuesday (17 March) I will be making 50 L of Bill's Golden Pils beer. Anyone interested in helping or just hanging out is welcome. Email me for the address


Schedule will be roughly
0830 - 1200 mash
1200 - 1400 lauter
1400 - 1600 boil
1600 - 1700 cool and ferment

There will be plenty of free beer to try.


Dear Quizzers,

The next UNICEF quiz will be held on Monday, March 30 at 7.30pm at the Open Brasserie.

On this occasion, the specialist country round will be on Mexico.

Participation costs €10 per person. There's a tombola on the night.

SOs are very welcome to take part too.




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