Boterham in het Park (Sandwich in the park)

Each day next week, there is a free concert at the bandstand in the Royal Park (between the palace and the parliament). There is a bar and a place to buy sandwiches, or bring your own. They also give out a free sandwich (boterham) and free drink to the first 1000 attendees if you have the right coupon. The concert starts at 12:00.

Let's meet at the bar (of course) by the bandstand at 12:00.

Summer Party (well end of Summer..)

Summer is slipping away and soon everyone will be back in Brussels fired up for joys of Brussels in autumn ...

Before the last sparks of summertime disappear - Dave would like to invite all STUDS, SO's and kids to party at his place. Those with kids can come in the afternoon - the grown-ups are welcome later.

There will be food, drink and music and if we are lucky good company.

More details to follow (when I have them organised) but save the date and any initial indication of who can make it would be great for planning.


STUDS Golf Tournament

It's time for the annual golf tourney! This year's event will be held at Louvain-La-Neuve which is familiar to many (so hopefully some great rounds). The cost is 40 euros per person. We use the Stableford method of scoring so golfers of all levels can participate and enjoy the competition. Please sign up early so Ed Elly can create the teams. If you don't have a set of clubs, don't let that stop you from participating. Just let us know and we will bring extra sets to the event. As usual, there will be prizes given out at the Clubhouse lunch following the competition.

Italian Wine tasting

We did this event once before and it was a hit! For those interested in exploring Italian wines, here is your chance. The cost will be in the 30-40 euro (p.p.) including some appetizers and we have the options of sharing some great Italian dishes if we want more to eat.

Friday in Downtown Brussels

It's that time of the year when Herman goes on vacation. I believe he will be closed July 24 & 31 (and possibly July 17). This message, therefore has two purposes. One, on the Friday's that the STUDS meeting point is closed, the new meeting point is the bakery/coffee shop inside the Stockel shopping center. I am sorry I can't remember the name of the chain but it is next to match.

Cycling trip

Hi all, below is the link to my blog for the one interested, in case you want to join me on this journey.
If you wait for me in Milan we Can cycle back together ; )

Just stayed 2 nights at Jim's in Alsace, but can't wait to visit Heidi land.


Cheers, Thierry


Stage Director - Rachael Bateman
Music Director - Vivienne McKay
Choreographer - Jeanette Marino




The next Quiz will take place on Monday 18 May. India will be the specialist country.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to participate and whether your SO will also be there. I have already booked 2 tables, but can add a third if necessary.

It costs €10 each to participate and there will be a tombola on the night.

Kind regards,


Live Music - Sat 16th May, Roadhouse 69, Lier

Do you enjoy live music, don't mind a bit of heavy rock?

A band that my brother used to play in called Subset is currently doing a european tour supporting an american alternative rock band called Maension and I am planning to go and watch them when they play in Lier on the 16th May.

I will drive and can take up to 4 people with me in my car

Here is a link to their myspace page if you want to hear them:


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