About Us

STUDS is a casual, multinational group of males, most of us are trailing spouses in Belgium because of wives' jobs, although we have some members who are working, and others just looking to meet like-minded friends in a new environment. We even have a few women from time to time who just enjoy the laid back casual atmosphere.

We are hardly an organization in the formal sense - no constitution or bylaws, no committees. There are a few events actually organized by STUDS - a weekly brunch, a monthly luncheon and winter ball. The purpose is networking and any events that happen by tradition or which individual members propose. Upcoming events, reports on past events & other items of interests to STUDS can be found on the STUDS Blog.

The primary benefits of the organization are socializing in English (although many members are not from English-speaking countries), exchanging hints on life in Brussels, and finding others with similar interests. Major interest areas are sports, history, new technologies, literature, travel, exploring Belgium and environs and more, including a fairly active golf group.

For some members, this is the first time to be the trailing spouse and/or Mr Mom and/or living outside the homeland. For them, STUDS provides an affinity group of kindred souls. Alumni of STUDS Brussels are scattered around the world, and many remain in touch. There are reunions in the US, and a parallel organization in London.