Studs Bike Ride

Hi Biking Studs

The weather for tomorrow looks perfect. We may need a light coat and head covering, snack and water. We are only 4 so far. I was hoping other Studs would meetup with us for a ride on country roads.

Here is Steve's famous list of rides; Sterrebeek; Leefdaal, Leuven or Leefdaal Duisberg ,Tervuren or Vossem, Tervuren, Bois de Cambre, De Bosuil, Rood Cloitres, Auderghem, old railway to Stokel.

The last one is about the same as the Groene route as that also goes to Auderghem via the old railway and then; in addition, continues all the way around Brussels. I vote for the leuven one. The roads are flat, there are no cars and I think Steve knows a cafe bar up that way. We can vote on it tomorrow.

We meet up at the hippodrome parking lot just in front of the Sterrebeek golf club at 10:30 Thursday. That is tomorrow! If anyone wants to attend other than those I know about please let me know and we will wait for you.

Studs Pres