Walk around Brussels

There is a marked walk around the outskirts of Brussels called the Promenade Vert (French) or the Groen Wandeling(Dutch). See http://www.environnement.brussels/thematiques/espaces-verts-et-biodivers.... It is about 60 kilometres. I plan to walk it in 4 days, each Tuesday, starting the 26th September.

The first day starts at Roodebeek bus top at the top of the escalator from the Metro. The finish will be at the Engleland bus stop in Uccle. It’s about 16 kilometres. We should finish between 15:00 and 16:00. There are opportunities to opt out along the way. We will find a restaurant for lunch.

You will need
Comfortable shoes. The path is good but there may be a few puddles.
Drinking water
Wet weather gear if it looks like it might rain.
Bus/Tram/Metro ticket to get back

SOs and dogs welcome.


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