Studs 25 years Celebration Dinner Party

Hello Studs,

This end of the year 2017 we are celebrating about 25 years of Studs with Dinner at Les Amis Dinent in Wezembeek Oppem. (

Nov 16 is a Thursday (and the day before the famous Staging Post concert).

Studs will be getting together with spouses to proudly celebrate about 25 years of Studs.

Anyone with Studs history is welcome to share their stories.

In addition, if November 16th is a Studs' birthday and they attend this event they get their meal free! (is that okay with you Kkeld?)

It is going to be a great time and since my house is just down the road this time I am inviting anyone who wants to stop over to wait on a tram or drink some home made beer after the dinner.

Please indicate your intentions to attend by sending me an email. (I may miss Studs Friday due to furnace repair)
Also, if you previously mentioned to me you will attend you do not need to say it again. I will be in touch with you shortly.
and let the festivities begin
Signed William
Studs Pres


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