Tervuren Park and Forêt de Soignes walk and lunch at Jesus Eik

I am proposing a walk around Tervuren Park and through the Forêt de Soignes to Jesus Eik, leaving my house at 10:00. The distance for that section is about 12 km. (3 hours), with the leg back to my house after lunch being a further 4 km. There is a cafetaria in the park for refreshments mid walk and I suggest lunch at the Cafetaria de Bosuil.

The easiest way to to me is by car, but public transport can get you to within a 5-10 walk:
- 44 tram direction Tervuren, alight at the penultimate stop (Oppemstraat); from there catch an 830 bus and alight at the first stop in the Ringlaan and walk the rest of the way. If you prefer to walk from the Oppemstraat, it takes 15-20 minutes through the small streets of Tervuren (GPS recommended!).
- Metro to Kaainem, then 317 or 315 bus direction Leuven; alight at the stop Nettenberg and walk up the Wolvenweg, cross over the Ringlaan and continue until you emerge at the Sneppenlaan.

If you need more directions/information, my mobile telephone number is 0488-296236.