Last chance for curling signup is 17 Feb

Kurling Karl says last call for curling team sign up is 17th of Feb so if you have not already signed up please do so that is as long as you are interested.

As I understand it, the fee for curling will be 25 euros per person.

Karl says,
There is a huge area for the none players to watch. with seats and tables.

The maximum number of PLAYERS at one time is 30.

I don't think we will reach that. If we do, we can always split the times. ex: 13:00-15:00 and 15:00-17:00.

I would need the final numbers by Feb 17th.

Her are some extra info from the website.


The club supplies brooms, sliders and stones. You therefore do not have to provide anything yourself, outside easy and warm clothing.


Curling is played on ice. It is cold and therefore advisable to wear a warm sweater or a jacket to start. Best is a loose-fitting pants (no jeans). After half an hour of initiation everyone is warmed up and usually some coats go to the side.

Shoes have some grip at the bottom: a sturdy running shoe or a light step shoe is ideal. Make sure that the bottom sole is clean otherwise you will loose loose dirt on the ice.

If you wish, you can change into one of the changing rooms.

... not everyone in our group wants to curling?

We are sorry for them! But do not hesitate to ask them!Our location has a cafeteria that overlooks the ice rink.Even before and after the initiation, something can be drunk there.

... an accident would happen?

Fortunately it happens very rarely, but as in everything in life, you can also have an accident here. Curling Club Zemst is insured for this and we always have declaration papers on the curling track.

Thanks Karl!

Additionally; some of us Studs will be going out to eat afterwards to finish off this event.

Studs Pres