The STUDS Website - We Need a Better Solution


I built the website for studs free of charge about 6 years ago, I also host it, and maintain it free of charge as a favour to studs (even though, I in fact, it costs me time and money to keep it running).

The site is now becoming out of date, and is regularly attacked and brought down by hackers, spammers.

After each attack, it takes me several hours to rebuild the site, and often there are some new errors, bugs that I either cannot get to the bottom of, or some of the existing functionality no longer works as expected.

It is becoming more and more like treating a person who is becoming increasingly more ill, but still expecting that he can live up to all his responsibilities and functions.

We really need a more robust, simpler solution going forward.

Additionally, I myself am unhappy with the performance of the website , the problems but I cannot commit to indefinitely keeping the website running in its current form.

The website is built on a technology called Drupal.

At that time I used the standard configuration for the software and built some custom parts for the events calendar and so forth.

I would like to open a general discussion about what could be a good solution for this problem.

I have my own ideas about where we should go and how we should do it but for that we need some funding and some upkeep budget, so maybe someone has some better ideas.

Please feel free to contribute

Thanks for help and understanding

David R


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